Keith Rogers

Creative, idea guy…

ideas inspire projects… projects inspire ideas…

the challenge, deciding.

Hello, I’m Keith Rogers, UCF business grad and Director of Marketing for a travel agency / timeshare marketing company in Orlando, Florida. I love my work, most days it doesn’t feel like work!

I keep discus fish, road bike and oil paint.

I also enjoy learning about wealth and simplicity as I attempt balancing all life has to offer.  Thanks!

Keith Rogers

2 thoughts on “Keith Rogers

  1. Keith, I’ve been doing genealogy on the German immigrant families who were pioneer settlers in Lake County, Indiana, and your Koselke relatives have tied into my own family (through my late cousin Martha Scholl) and also through another cousin’s family (Bill Heiser of Crown Point). Obviously your grandfather George Adam Koselke (b. 1888) is from a different line that is now shown in the Koselke website, and I wonder if you might have that data.

    I’m fascinated by your interest in trains (I’m a lifelong fan) and am very familiar with Michigan City’s lakefront, having grown up in Gary and done a lot of birdwatching on that lighthouse pier!

    Would enjoy hearing from you! Paul A. Davis, 3529 Las Pampas Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264

  2. Keith,
    I was born in MC, circa 1939. I’m a big fan of model railroading and noticed you are setting up a South Shore display. I would like to take a look at it whenever it’s complete or you think it’s ready for visitors. My cousin Howard Kubsch, also from MC, lives near me. Would you care to have a couple of guys looking over your handiwork? Let me know. Best regards, Barry

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